This page collects the statistical software developed within the StEPhI project and by the project members.


  • Spatial and Spatio-temporal Bayesian models with R-INLA
  • DYSC – DYnamic Spatiotemporal Clustering
  • D-STEM – Space Time Data Modelling

  • Code related to the paper Ignaccolo R, Mateu J, Giraldo R (2014) Kriging with external drift for functional data for air quality monitoring. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 28(5), 1171-1186.
  • Code related to the paper Franco-Villoria M, Ignaccolo R (2017) Bootstrap based uncertainty bands for prediction in functional kriging. Spatial Statistics 21: 130-148.
  • Code related to the book chapter Franco-Villoria M, Ignaccolo R (2017) Universal, Residual and External Drift Functional Kriging. In: Mateu J, Giraldo R (eds.) Geostatistical Functional Data Analysis: Theory and Methods. Wiley (in preparation) will be available at the website of the book.