D-STEM (Distributed Space Time Expectation Maximization) is a statistical software for the analysis of space-time data sets and the prediction, uncertainty included, of the observed variables by means of hierarchical multivariate space-time models. D-STEM is developed in the MATLAB language and it requires MATLAB to run.

For more details about the software please contact Francesco Finazzi at francesco.finazzi[at]unibg.it and download the software from the link below.



D-STEM is able to handle the following data sets:

  • Univariate data sets (one variable observed at multiple spatial locations and regular time steps)
  • Multivariate data sets (multiple variable observed at multiple and possibly different spatial locations and regular time steps)
  • Univariate and multivariate data sets with missing data
  • Multivariate data sets of point and pixel data on regular grids (the same variables observerd as both point and pixel data)
  • Large data sets

D-STEM provides the following features:

  • Model parameters estimation
  • Model parameter uncertainty estimation
  • Model log-likelihood estimation
  • Model cross-validation
  • Data fusion
  • Space-time mapping of the observed variables
  • Space-time mapping of the uncertainty

Example of maps produced by D-STEM